FAQs on the Work-Integrated Education (WIE)
Department of Computing

Responsible staff: Dr. Wei Lou (2766-7290)


1. What are rationales for the new WIE requirement?

The new WIE requirements are intended to address 2 aspects of student's learning at the PolyU:

Therefore, the first aspect intends to further enrich the students' knowledge and skills in the Computing/IT discipline. The second aspect is to sharpen the students' other equally, if not more, important attributes, such as communication, working in teams, exposure to professional working contexts, which usually cannot be acquired in a classroom setting. In other words, the motivations for the WIE are essentially the same as that for the Department to institute the mandatory Industrial Placement Program in our programs many years ago.

2. How does the new WIE requirement affect my curriculum?

The new WIE requirement applies to ALL year-one students in the academic year 2005/06 and thereafter. Note that the year-one students include the advanced students as well.

3. What kinds of activities can be counted towards the WIE requirement?

The kinds of activities that can counted towards the WIE requirement can be very broad for the Computing/IT discipline. In general, they must satisfy all of the followings:

  1. They must contain some elements that are relevant to the Computing/IT discipline.

  2. They must be structured in the sense that the WIE activity should be well defined beforehand (in contrast to ad hoc tasks).

  3. They must be conducted in a recognized organization outside the Department, and the outcome can be effectively and accurately assessed by the Department.

The WIE activities, however, do not have to be remunerated.

4. What kinds of approved WIE activities are available?

The students may participate either one of the following two broad categories of approved WIE activities.

While it is impossible to give an exhaustive list of activities in the second category, the followings are some examples of suitable WIE activities.

5. What kinds of activities are definitely NOT WIE activities?

Once again the following list of nonWIE activities is not an exhaustive list.

6. Do I need to find those WIE activities myself?

For the first category of WIE activities (the 48-week placement), the Department will work with the placement companies to provide the placement positions. For the second category, the students are encouraged to find the suitable positions from various channels, such as

7. Can I satisfy the WIE requirement from more than 1 activity?

Yes, you can. There are different ways to accumulate the 4 WIE credits (4 x 78 =  312 hours). For example,

However, the students are discouraged from engaging in "many" small activities to fulfill the WIE requirement, because such small activity may not meet the requirements under item 3. Note that you can only accumulate up to 2 WIE credits (156 hours) for any internal job.

8. Can my past job experience be counted towards the WIE requirement?

Yes, only if your experience was gained during your HD or Associate Degree studies. In this case, you can submit the necessary documentation to us (see this chart).

9. What are the procedures for the WIE management?

For the 48-week placement, please follow the procedures detailed in the placement portal.

For the shorter-term activities, please follow the procedures detailed in the WIE portal.

10. When should I upload my report to the department WIE system?

You shall submit your report to the WIE system as soon as you finish your WIE activity.

11. What content should I include in the report?

You can summarize the experience and accomplishments you have during the WIE activity.

12. Does the report have any minimum word requirement?

Though there is no minimum word requirement for the report, your report may not be approved if its quality is poor.

13. Should I upload any other materials to support my WIE activity?

Except a survey report, you don't need to provide any other materials to support your WIE activity. Only in certain extraordinary cases, some other related materials may be requested for investigation purposes.

14. What would happen if I cannot accumulate enough WIE credits before graduation?

The WIE credits are required for graduation. A failure of accumulating the required number of credits will delay the student's graduation.

6 July 2017