Internet Infrastructure Security (COMP5351)

The General Information

Lecturer:     Dr. Rocky K. C. Chang PQ829; Phone: 2766-7258; Office hours: by appointment
Edmond Chan, Office hours: TBA
Lectures:    R507, 6:45-9:45pm, Fridays

The Course Content

[Course objectives and assessments]    [Textbooks and references]    [Syllabus, teaching plan, slides, and assignments]     [Resources

The Four Assignments

[Assignment 1]      [Assignment 2]     [Assignment 3]      [Assignment 4]

The Class Project

[Class projects]

The Exam

Final Grades and Survey Results

What happened last years?


[Group project]

[Final Grades]           [The Exam Paper]          [Statistics]

[University's SFQ]     [Self-conducted surveys]


[Group project]
Final grades]           [Exam paper]                 [Exam statistics: average = 52.75, median = 53.5, max = 80, min = 24,  standard deviation = 18]
University's SFQ]     [Self-conducted surveys]