Problem-Solving Methodology in Information Technology (COMP 1001)

"All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty." (Proverbs 14:23)

The General Information

Instructors:   Dr. Rocky K. C. Chang (PQ829; 2766-7258)
Teaching Assistants: WU Hanqing and YANG Yan ni
Student Assistants: Thomas (Mon and Fri), Ronald (Mon), DH (Tue), Hans (Tue), Darwin (Wed),  Luke (Fri), and Kathy (Wed)

Assignment submission and communication channel: PolyU Blackboard

  Group 2: Mondays 16:30 - 18:20 (N102)
and Wednesdays 08:30 - 10:20 (N103)
Group 1: Tuesdays 16:30-18:20 (N103)
and Fridays 09:30-11:20 (N103)

The Course Content

[Course objectives and assessments]   [Textbooks and references]   [Teaching plan]   [Class project]

Tests and Exam

[Test 1]   [Test 2]


[A1] [A2] [A3] [A4] [A5, a video capture for the tic tac toe game] [A6] [A7] [A8]

last update: 4 November 2018